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26. Juli 2010

our new book

Der Pressetext zum neuen Magazin von lifetime collective, das man hier einsehen kann, ist so wohlklingend und voller Liebe formuliert, dass ich ihn komplett kopiert habe:

Hold our new book in your hands and feel the weight of it when you get the chance. What makes it so heavy? Is it the stock, the ink on each page, the glue of the binding? Perhaps. But it's also more than that. It's everything that went in to making this collection possible. The people; so many people, from concept to creation, right through to the production of the catalog. Some of those people are old friends -good ones - and some of them are new on board, but welcome anytime. Then there is the time; the many hours that each has put in. And of course there is the energy and the enthusiasm of a collective vision, something we all shared, the driving force. All of those things exist on the pages, though you may not immediately see them.

That's why when we flip though this book, we get excited about paper - something so seemingly simple, and yet so full of possibility. At one point, all of the pages were blank - white and empty - and yet we've filled them with all kinds of meaning. Over two hundred kinds, in fact, and more.

In that way, paper is alluring. It's liberating and it's inviting. It asks you to fill it with words and ideas, sketches, drawings and prints. And those possibilities are limitless. Sure sometimes there are lines to stay within and rules to follow, but think of those rules as blue horizons, which you can navigate from the helm of a new idea. Red solar margins rise and set at each end. Other lines are dotted paths, infinite ellipses that you can cut along to make new shapes. Those shapes can be traced, and rearranged, and then put back together to make entirely new shapes - something we do a lot of.

So here are two hundred and more things; our two hundred and more new shapes. A few ideas that we've had that now we've put on paper. Hopefully they will tell you stories; or take you places; or make you see or think something new - maybe even something profound. They are items made to last; for however your life unfolds; no matter which way the wind carries you. So for us, these are not just the pages of a book bound together . They are altogether a lifetime collective.

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