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17. August 2009

Lorick - Ein Interview

Im Gradient Magazine wurde ein Interview mit Lorick abgedruckt. Das Interview führte Alan Vinogradov und die wunderschönen Fotos schoss Matt Fried.

Fashion Designer Abgail Lorick is currently the head designer and creative authority behind her label Lorick. Abgail has been fascinated by Fashion since her introduction to modeling at age 15. Her label was officially launched in spring 2008 and the collections that followed her debut in are absolutely to die for. Gradient Magazine sat down with Lorick to discuss some of her future plans and inspirations.

What made you come to New York City? Has the city played a role with your fashion inspirations?

I love the ladies who lunch on the upper east side, the museums, the eccentric older women that can be spotted in big hats, the culture of all ethnicities, we just relocated to the seaport and I have fallen in love with the east river; enjoying the seaside watch of Brooklyn. Fashion is a wonderful outlet for self-expression and entertainment. Getting dressed and enjoying the process is a great pleasure of life.

As a young designer what have been some of your biggest challenges?

Sometimes it is difficult evolving as a designer and still staying true to our brand. There is a balance of evolving aesthetically and thickening the thread that makes us LORICK. I am enjoying the challenge of achieving that balance. Unfortunately managing the business end is very time consuming and designing usually has to come at the end.

What are some of the roles you are required to fulfill day to day?

Shipping, conversing with the factory, accounts receivable, fittings, designing, quality control, searching for new stores, updating press, interviews, research, following up with press, talking to costumers, learning from my interns. Every day is full of challenges that apply to every business.

What is some advice that you can offer to aspiring designers about having a good business sense and also producing a collection that is relevant and appealing?

The business end of being the designer of your own collection is very important. It is best to educate yourself as much as possible and find people who are business owners of all sizes and ask questions, learn to use that side of your brain. The business end is just as important as the creative end. And you can do both. As for producing a collection that is relevant and appealing-I think that is an instinctive process.

Business is a very complicated monster and so is fashion. Combining both of those elements can force out the passion once shared for fashion. How do you balance both of those titles, creating beautiful clothes and managing a business?

This is very true. At the beginning it was very difficult. I had a lot of sleepless nights. I now have 3 business interns, which takes a lot off my shoulders, but that being said I very much look forward to having a CEO one day. Our capital is generated through the brand. Lorick started with zero capital. Luckily, we have a factory that funds our sampling, because they believe in the brand.

Who are some of the designers that influenced you, and have you incorporated any of their elements into your own brand?

Muiccia Prada-She always carries her lady and keeps her modern. She is true to her customer-I strive to do the same. Christian Dior “The New Look” To make women lengthen their dresses is close to a miracle. We are always facing the battle that you do not need to show a lot of skin to be sexy. Alexander McQueen, he is just so innovative and on such a beautiful page in a novel I find very inspiring.

In your opinion what describes a successful fashion line? Do you feel that you have achieved those specifications?

I believe it depends on the definition of success from the designer. For me it is about making women feel fabulous, creating an elevation in their energy, and inspiring women to embrace the process of getting dressed. I have seen this change happen and it fills me with a joy that makes it all worth while.

Who are some of the people that help you make Lorick? What are their roles, and how important is it having other people contribute to your project?

I have the greatest luxury of super talented friends. They have been with Lorick since the beginning; therefore they really understand the brand. Roanne Adams, does all of our branding and art direction. Roanne is a branding genius, she keeps Lorick tide up in a gorgeous modern lady-like present. She helps find photographer’s from season to season and does a beautiful job of translating our concepts to the public eye. Taylor Thomas, does all of our sales. Taylor is constantly helping us understand our customers and develop the collection from season to season. She keeps us headed in the right direction. Matthew Daniel Siskin, produced and managed our website; his efforts keep our site at top-notch quality. He is also divinely happy to help us solve any computer CS3 obstacles we encounter. We have also had the pleasure of him shooting one of our look books.

What are some of the future plans for Lorick?

Future plans for Lorick are to find as many ways as possible to accommodate our Lorick lady and supply her with everything she needs to complete her dressing needs.

What are some of your trend predictions for the future?

A Lorick Lady knows that trends come and go, while true style is timeless.

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